About us

The history of creation of our organization begins in 2018, when the government of Uzbekistan decided to show the world all the beauty of our country, the identity of its ancient cities and the uniqueness of the routes unknown before!

For these purposes, in February, 2018, by President Decree No. PD-5326, the State Unitary Enterprise “National PR-Center” was established as part of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development (Ministry of ecology, environmental protection and climate change of the Republic of Uzbekistan), which allowed us to take a fresh look at the huge tourist opportunities of the country, create a completely new brand of Uzbekistan and promote it far beyond the borders of the republic.

Today, the National PR-Center team is engaged in promoting the tourism brand of Uzbekistan abroad, carrying out a variety of activities.

✅Participation with Uzbekistan national stand in the international tourism exhibitions;

✅Creation and distribution of travel magazines, brochures, maps and guidebooks about the country;

✅Producing cool videos and pictures that are available for viewing on our website and social networks;

✅And, of course, we run this site, so you can look at Uzbekistan in a new way, discover its most beautiful and unexplored places and understand that Uzbekistan is not only the heritage of the Great Silk road and historical cities, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but also an extremely beautiful nature in the foothills of the Tien Shan range and Pamir spurs, desert castles of ancient civilizations, rich culture and history, delicious cuisine of the East and surprisingly hospitable people.

Contact: “National PR-centre”, State Unitary Enterprise